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How we got into Children’s Birthday Parties.

A few years ago we ran an event for one of our most valuable Clients, Nampak. I believe that it was their Financial Division and the boss had such a good time that he asked us if we would run Pulse Ranger for his son’s eighth birthday party.We couldn’t refuse and it has led to a new and most FUN division of our business. In time the whole of his class had Pulse Ranger for their parties. And once in a while they had a guest from another school and the whole growth process started again. But just recently we had one of our VERY BEST parties for ten-year-old Anna and 23 of her friends. Why was it such FUN and so rewarding? Well 18 of them attend Bella Vista a School for those students who benefit from Assisted Learning. I have a challenged son, now aged 22 so I can claim to be experienced where patience, sympathy and special caring are essential. Themba, Tom and I went to the event and the three of us coped so well that Anna’s Mum sent us the nicest email of Thanks that we have ever received. And the children were a real pleasure. If you shed a tear at the Paralympics, you will weep bucket fulls for Special Olympics athletes!