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Best Activities of 2012

This event is a compilation of the best activities we had in 2012;

Green Screen Movie Making (±25 minutes)

Laughter guaranteed. Teams performs short acts in front of a green screen and without knowing why. The edited video is then shown at the end of the team building.


Kung Fu Yoga (±25 minutes)

The outcome of this event is to produce a corporate video that demonstrates the ultimate co-ordination and team work of a company.


Bush Golf (±25 minutes)

Golf is not always a gentleman's sport. Teams compete with oversized golf plastic balls and wedges. Everybody can play. The maximum drive with these balls are ten meters.


Blindfolded Minefield (±20 minutes)

Teams have to cross a obstacle course with "dog-dong" while being blindfolded.


Minute to Win Competitions (±25 minutes)

This will be your final event of the day. Minute to Win is done out- and indoors. Dare the team members to do crazy things with household goods followed by a movie quiz on the big screen ("make my day").


Hula Hoop Race (±25 minutes)

One person at a time have to cross "the river" by stepping in the same hoola hoop


Cross the river (±25 minutes)

Teams must cross stretch of grass on a "magic carpet". If their feet touches the grass, they have to start fresh


Hoola Hoop Down (±10 minutes)

Team members circle around and must get a hoola hoop by balancing it on their fingers


Marble Run (±15 minutes)

Have you thought how to get marbles from A to B with only 2 PVC pipes stuffed with holes?


Seduko for Dummies (±10 minutes)

Teams must arrange the letters 1 to 9 in a square so that it add up to15 (diagonally, vertically and horizontally)


Thesaurus (±25 minutes)

Each tribe needs to hit a Target 15 times. 15 Hits represent a 15 letter word! The 1st tribe that completes and presents the 15letter word wins reward


Nail activity (±15 minutes)

Teams must balance a number of nails on one


Fashion Show (±15 minutes)

Teams are issued with props (dresses, jackets, jewellery, glasses, makeup) and have to dress one model. The models would then compete in the ultimate fashion show.


Beach Volleyball (±15 minutes)

Teams compete with a giant beach ball.


Bharti (±15 minutes)

Bharti is a traditional African game similar to Dodge Ball.


Wacky, Wet and Wild (±20 minutes)

Teams have to convey water with pipes stuffed with holes. The only way would be to use their fingers to seal these holes.