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Team Building Johannesburg Best of 2014

Team building is ultimately about fun-fun-and-fun. Team building don't have to be expensive to be lasting. Choose between many team building activities like Pulse Ranger, Hovercraft, Laser Sport, Boeresport, Corporate Fun Days, Amazing Race, Survivor, Minute to Win It, Mobile Abseiling, Wild Scooter Chases, Scooter-X, Drumming Team Building and many more.

Watch Your Video Afterwards

Show your Team Building Video at the End of the Day

The video footage is edited, super-imposed and shown at the end of the day. The video consist of short clips and are from inspiration to hilarious making your team building lasting.

Pulse Ranger – and you don’t need eyes!

Pulse Ranger is the ultimate combat challenge and with that headline you would think that you need to be fit – NOT SO! An elderly Natalian – over 90 years old has been our most senior participant, but not our most unusual. We had a heck of a job convincing a Government Department that one of their staff who was BLIND could enjoy Pulse Ranger. They worked out themselves that he must be the last line of defence in ‘Capture the Flag’ and we armed him up with Grenades – these have a spread of five metres and an range of about ten. Now he may have been blind but he had fantastic hearing and whenever he heard anything he turned and fired. Of course the first time he eliminated several of his own team, but once they had established a means of communication he then became a little more selective! Great for Strategic Planning, Leadership and Communications, it’s easier if you have vision, but not essential!

And by the way, they have been back for more!

Be careful, be very very careful!

The Serious Fun Factory comprises eight partners with over 100 different activities and we only propose product we own to our clients. We own nine brand names of internationally successful products that we import, distribute and operate and every year one of the partners attends the International Trade Fair form our industry where we search for new Serious Fun for South Africans. Together we own some R8.5 million of retail value equipment. Now do be careful, because many ‘teambuilders’ don’t own much more than a telephone and they farm out business to Companies such as the Serious Fun Factory and take commission – some grab 40% and that is money that is wasted by your Company. Deal direct – we offer the very best prices.

Muldersdrift Boeresport Team Building

The Boeresport team building was at Shumba Valley in Muldersdrift. First we had an awesome traditional buffet breakfast! We can really recommend this venue for great food. The boeresport was presented by Ian and included traditional games like sack race, bokdrolspoeg, hangballas, neck to neck, passing the baby, five legged race and boere golf with pumpkins. The event was video graphed and shown at the end. I have never seen Africans laugh so much when we showed the movie afterwards!

Dividing Teams

Diving the Group into Teams (±3 minutes)

Each member in the circle is given a number, for example 1, 2, 3, 4. All the number ones would be in one team, all the number two's would be in one team and so on. Teams must then come up with a war cry.

LaserSport for all

Probably the most booked individual product that we offer – and hardly surprising, it is the nUmber One in UK also. It is heaps of fun and very competitive. Ideal to motivate a Sales Team into winning ways One of the most memorable Lasersport events we have run was a for a group of 25 and one of their number was a paraplegic – in fact the only limb that worked was his right arm. After the team event, which his team won, we started the individual HOTSHOT trophy event which he won by miles. All his colleagues were over the moon for him as he always attended teambuilding events, but often couldn’t take part. On this day he won on merit! I was intrigued and so I asked how he was such a good shot. His reply was not so unusual. He used to be a provincial clay-pigeon shooter but after his accident he could not handle the recoil. He loved our product and his win remains an on-going talking point with his colleagues and within the Serious Fun Factory.

How we came into being.

Around the year 2000 I had been in the Teambuilding environment for about three years with just one product. It was a great product, LaserSport, but I spent a lot of time presenting it to potential clients with limited success. I worked out that I was so passionate about my product that I was failing to listen to Clients. I also discovered that if you listen first you have a much better chance of getting the job. I also bumped into another couple of operators who had one or two products and they were faced with the same challenges. We put our heads together and formed the Serious Fun Factory IDEA and then invited a few others to a meeting; heck everyone liked the idea but there was a real fear that independence would go out of the window. We worked on the IDEA for about eighteen month and then we launched. In year one, every member’s turnover increased by more than 25%. And we continued to grow. In October 2010 we had our best month ever – 84 events in one calendar month, that’s more than three other big organisations put together. In 2012 we are down on previous years, but the strength of our organisation has grown as we are all able to share our market experiences even in the bad times.

Muldersdrift Murder Mystery Team Building for 28 pax

This team building event was at Shumba Valley for 28 accountants over a two day period. On the first evening, the team had Murder Mystery followed by Karoake. Murder Mystery broke the ice when tables had to dress props to suite their characters. They had make-up, jewellery, costumes, glasses, murder weapons and plastic boobs. Of course it just happened that some males were given the characters of famous actresses.

Ice Breakers

Start with Ice Breakers (±15 minutes)

All team buildings start with ice breakers. The group would stand in a circle and do hilarious interactive events. Here are just some of our most popular and daring ice-breakers;


(1) Hula Hoops - the group stand in a circle, hold hands and pass a hula hoop around without letting go. Then more hulas are added to the circle from the other direction. Someone would need to pass a few hulas without letting go.

(2) Surviving Johannesburg - in a circle, individuals have to draw like in the Wild West - "bang-bang!". Eventually the sole survivor is proclaimed King of Johannesburg.

(3) Piggyback - when the whistle blows, members must find a partner and piggy-back that partner. When we say, "Turn Charlie Around," Charlie must climb his way to the front and then again to the back making a 360⁰. This is easier than it seems.

(4) Newspaper - when the whistle blows, members must stand on a newspaper. After each whistle, the newspapers are folded in half. Eventually it would take balance and strategy to balance on the newspapers.

(5) Kissing the Baby - delegates kisses fictionist baby, tells the crowd and passes the baby. With next round, they have to kiss the person standing next to them, where they kissed the baby.

(6) Passing the Stick - the group stand in a circle and have to pass a stick around with their knees without using their hands.

(7) Ball to Neck - teams have to pass a tennis around without using their hands.


Family Fun Days

Well how many teambuilding Companies do you know who can run an event for 5000 people with only their own product? We can and we do! With over 100 different activities we have no trouble in keeping large numbers busy all days. Of course sometimes it backfires on us as it did with the Department of Housing at Turffontein Race Course. We had such popular products there that we stayed on for two hours more than was scheduled and it was the Directorate who queued the latest. When almost all their team had departed on the busses, some very senior administrators played for ages more. Lucky chaps and ladies had their own transport home and when they did eventually leave it was with very satisfied smiles all round. Make sure you choose a suitable venue and you cannot beat Turffontein!

Sandton Team Building - new debrief, Corporate Confession

This team building event for 14 people was at GCC in Woodmead. The Amazing Race, Wacky-Wet-and-Wild and Minute to Win It started at 1h00 till 15h30. This was a very diverse group from all over the world. It was an extremely hot day and the water station was too far away. However, we made up for it during the debrief when we launched our first Corporate Confession. We basically shown "silly pics" of delegates during certain events and then they had to stand up and thank the crowd for being part of the team. We also confessed regarding the too far water station - hilarious!!!